<p>What to Expect</p>
What to Expect

What to Expect

Worship Service - 10:15 am

We are requiring pre-registration to attend the worship service as we have limited seating to maintain social distancing guidelines and safety. Registrations for next Sunday will open Sundays at noon and remain open through Thursday at 4:30pm or earlier if capacity is met. Please CLICK HERE to pre-register.

Central is a multi-generational church. In our worship services we include a variety of elements to help us focus on God. Elements such as singing a contemporary song or an old hymn, share in communion, pray, engage in a sermon from God's Word.

During the service, we have a nursery fully staffed by loving adults who enjoy caring for babies, crawlers and toddlers.

Part way through the service (Sept-May), we dismiss children ages 3 through the 5th grade to a special ministry just for them.

Education Hour - 9:00 am (Sept-May)

This hour is focused on Biblical education for all ages which includes specific teaching in the Old and New Testaments, elective topics such as parenting and at times, our classes will compliment a particular preaching series.

Whether you are a pre-schooler, in your 90's, or somewhere between, there is a group that would love to have you join with them. For those younger than 3, we have a wonderful nursery staffed by caring folks.