<p>Reopening Plan</p>
Reopening Plan

Reopening Plan

Worship Service at 10:15am
Doors Open at 9:45am

200 Seating Capacity Limitation

Pre-Registration Required Weekly

Social Distancing

  • Masks Recommended
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations Available
  • Family Units Seated for 6-foot Distancing
  • No Nursery or Children's Church
  • No Coffee or Water Available

Service Livestreaming Continued

Pre-Registration Details

  • Online -  

  • If you cannot register online then call the Church Office at (712) 239-1000
  • Registration Open Weekly  |  Sunday @ noon - Thursday @ 4:30pm

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms such as, fever, cough, runny nose or sore throat, stay home and join our livestream of the service as listed above.

If you are unsure, or uncomfortable about attending, please join our livestream.

Central’s building remains closed to all other activities until further notice.

Questions? Contact the Church Office at (712) 239-1000 or Office@centralsc.church

We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustment to this plan based on guidance provided from our state and local government and local health department.

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    Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are we limiting the service to 150 people?

    We are adhering to the social distancing guidelines stated by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Based on those guidelines we estimate the capacity of our worship center to be 150 people.  If it is possible to increase the capacity beyond and still follow the guidelines we will do so.


    When will we get back to no limits on how many people can attend?

    We regularly monitor the guidance from the State and CDC. As guidelines are relaxed, we will open our services and building use to more individuals.  Our greatest desire is to be back together as a church worshipping together with all our ministries in operation.  We need to balance that desire with the need to assure for the protection and safety of all who are a part of Central.


    Why do I have to register to attend?

    We have two values that caused us to choose registering for the service, safety and caring for people.  Limiting our capacity does meet those values.  We did not want someone to come to church on Sunday morning and be turned away because “we are full”.  Therefore, we devised a simple registration system allowing us to follow guidelines and still care for them.  We are excited that we are able to continue live streaming services so people are able to join us online during the service.


    Do I have to wear a mask?

    Central is not requiring masks to attend services. However, they are recommended and all volunteers are required to wear them.


    My kids like to sit with their friends. Is that okay?

    While social distancing is in place, we ask that people sit in their family units only to limit close prolonged contact with individuals outside their family.


    Why don't we have coffee and why are the water fountains closed?

    We are limiting the use of shared items and surfaces that are frequently touched by others as a safety precaution.


    How are you making sure the area where we are meeting is disinfected?

    Staff have been directed to follow the CDC guidelines, as recommended by Siouxland District Health, for cleaning and disinfecting.  The worship center, bathrooms and common areas are cleaned and disinfected after each use.


    Is the church being used for small group meetings or other outside groups?

    Central is not allowing these uses of the building in the month of June.


    When will the building be open for small group meetings and outside groups?

    Central plans to open the building to activities other than worship service sometime after July 1st.   Guidelines for usage and cleaning/disinfection requirements have been established for each group and building use. 


    Am I able to talk with my friends and fellowship before or after the service?

    Central asks that all fellowship be done outside of the church building.  We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments to these guidelines based on the guidance of the CDC, health departments and state and local governments.


    I read that we are doing family seating.  Does that mean we have to sit together as a family?

    Family seating means those people who come to church together who have been in close and constant contact during the previous week.  Since there needs to be six feet separation between families, we ask that the family sits together in order to maximize the number of people we can hold in the worship center.


    I thought the restrictions were being eased.  Why are we so strict with social distancing?

    Central cares about the health and safety of those who attend. Siouxland District Health has informed us that the vast majority of COVID is spreading with close, prolonged contact.  The distancing measures we are proposing are intended to minimize people’s exposure to that degree.


    What happens if we find out someone who attends church later tests positive?

    You become infected with COVID-19 primarily with close, prolonged contact with someone that is infected.  The distancing measures we are implementing should negate almost all of these types of exposures at church.  When someone tests positive, public health is notified.  Public health will work with the case to identify people with that type of close contact and notify others exposed.  Due to privacy laws Central will not relay names of individuals infected.  The church will work with the Health Department to assure that individuals who may have come into contact with the individual are notified.  Central will also follow CDC guidelines for proper cleaning and disinfecting.


    Is there a different service for facebook and the website?

    There is no difference between the service in the worship center and what you will experience on the internet.  It is a live-stream of the service.


    What will happen if we get more than 150 people at the service?

    The 150 people is an estimated number to make sure we are able to provide six feet distance between family units.  Because we are taking pre-registrations we don’t anticipate exceeding the 150 limitation.  We will make adjustments if we find our capacity is greater.


    If I answer yes to any of the screening questions do I have to stay home?

    Siouxland District Health advises that people who answer yes to the screening questions should stay home. We ask that people do the right thing as an act of love for others.


    Will someone know if I started to register and didn't complete the process?

    No.  You must submit the information for the information to be available.  The submit button is located at the bottom of the registration form.   


    Why are you only recommending people to wear masks and not requiring it?

    According to current public health recommendations, masks are only recommended when a person exhibits symptoms, is currently positive for Covid, or cannot maintain strict social distancing.  We believe as a church body that desires to be connected, that it will be difficult to maintain social distancing.  Therefore, as an act of love for others we encourage everyone to wear a mask.


    Am I expected to attend the service if I am still uncomfortable being around that many people?

    We ask everyone to make their own decision on attendance. Our church’s Covid-19 survey revealed a wide variety of levels of comfort about when it is right to attend.  If you are still uncomfortable attending please participate online.


    What can I expect when I arrive?

    Doors will open at 9:45am.  You should expect excited volunteers wearing masks to help guide you into the worship center.  Signs at the outside of the doors will request no entrance if you are exhibiting any of the Covid-19 symptoms. Social distance markers will be on the floor for family units to use to maintain six feet separation.  Ushers will be seating people from front to back.  Attendees with mobility concerns may be seated in the back rows.


    Will there be anything different in the service?

    There are a number of items that will be different.  The total number of songs we sing may be less. Offering plates and communion trays will not be passed.  You will see cameras in the worship center recording for our live stream activities. Ushers will seat and dismiss the congregation.


    When will Education Hour, Nursery Care, and Children’s Church be offered again?

    As of today we don’t know.  We are reviewing our plans approximately every fourteen (14) days.  We will consider more activities after Sunday July 5th.  Determinations are based on recommendations from governmental and public health officials. 

    For a printable form of this please CLICK HERE.