PSALM - A - Day Challenge

Pastor Brad challenges all children in Children's Church to read a Psalm a day from now until the end of May.

Moms and Dads -

Join in reading the Psalm and then talk through the following daily question with your child(ren).

• • • • • • • • • • •

May 22: Psalm 31: It is said that the only thing to do when you are in a hole is to look up. David is in a hole and is looking up to God. How can we imitate David's cry to God?

May 21: Psalm 30: Like it or not, life has problems. What does David believe about these troubles that keeps him from turning away from God? (Hint: Verse 5 and verses 11-12) Can you sing this song when you have hard times?

May 20: Psalm 29: "Ascribe" means to give credit to. This song talks about giving God credit for His power. How do we see God's power through this song? How do we see God's power in our daily lives?

May 19: Psalm 28: The first five verses tell about a prayer that David prayed.Starting in verse 6, David is praising God for answered prayer. What specific items does David praise God for? When did you last get an answer to prayer? How did you respond?

May 18: Psalm 27: David has great faith in God. From this song, what does David trust God to do?

May 17: Psalm 26: In verse 11, David asks for mercy so he is not saying he is sinless. He is reacting to what people are (incorrectly) saying about him. Whose opinion matters to David? What do all the things that David has done tell us about what is important to him?

May 16: Psalm 25: Everything that David says in this psalm is showing us characteristics of God we should put our hope in. What are those characteristics?

May 15: Psalm 24: Verse 4 describes the person who can stand before God. Why must the person be like this? Can we become that person on our own? How can we? Verses 7-10 are the response to standing before God. Are you in awe of God like that?

May 14: Psalm 23: This is probably the most famous psalm there is. What job of a shepherd is talked about in verses 1-3? What about is verse 4 and 5a? Why does David say in Verse 6 that he wants to "dwell in the house of the Lord forever? 

May 13:  Psalm 22:  Three times in the song, David uses a contrast word:  "yet" (twice) and "but".  What is being contrasted?  The last 10 verses are a call to praise God.  Can you praise him when things are hard?  Why?

May 12:  Psalm 21:  A king in David's time could do whatever he wanted.  He was the authority in his kingdom.  According to this song, who is truly in charge?  Even kins answer to God.  What does that mean for all of us?

May 11:  Psalm 20:  They are getting ready for a battle.  What does David tell them they should trust in?  Why is that better than trusting in our strength or abilities?

May 10: Psalm 19: David is praising God for helping him when King Saul and others were after him. Does David ever say that he did it himself? How often does David talk about what God did by using the words "he", "the Lord", and "you" in this song?

May 9:  Psalm 18:  David is praising God for helping him when King Saul and others were after him.  Does David ever say that he did it himself?  How often does David talk about what God did by using the words "he", "the Lord", and "you" in this song?

May 8:   Psalm 17: In verses 6-9, David recalls some of the promises of God. What do those verses tell us about the character of God?

May 7: Psalm 16: David says again that he takes refuge in God. It takes a while but eventually David says what the result is. What is the result of taking refuge in God? Why?

May 6: Psalm 15: David talks about the type of person that is welcome in God's presence. Why must that person be that perfect to be in God's presence? As sinners, how can we be in God's presence?

May 5: Psalm 14: The Bible does contain the phrase, "There is no God" but it does not teach that message. What does this song teach us about the God that we know is real?

May 4: Psalm 13: Patience is hard when you are in the middle of problems. What does David remember about God that helps him?

May 3: Psalm 12: This song could have been written today. It talks about the world around us becoming more and more evil. What characteristics of God does David mention for help?

May 2: Psalm 11: David says that he is safe in the Lord. Why does David feel safe? Who should not feel safe in front of God? What attribute of God should make them afraid?

May 1: Psalm 10: The first 11 verses talk about someone that is doing some bad things and it seems that God is not helping. What does the second part of the song tell us about what God is really like?

April 30: Psalm 9: We know we are supposed to praise God. What does verse 1 tell us that means? How does the rest of the song praise God?

April 29: Psalm 8: While this song talks about humans and what God gave them, this is mainly about who God is. What is true about God? What does majestic mean?

April 28: Psalm 7: Unlike in Psalm 6, David is sure he did the right things and the other people did not just make mistakes but are wicked. What does he tell us that God will do to the wicked?

April 27: Psalm 6: David is having problems because of mistakes that he did. In this song, what does David tell us about God?

April 26: Psalm 5: Verse 8 is the key verse and it asks God to lead us. From what is the rest of the song, why should we trust God to lead us?

April 25:  Psalm 4:  In the first part of the song, David is angry at God but he does not stay angry.  What does he say about God that calms him down?

April 24: Psalm 3: When life is hard or we are having a bad day, where should we go? Who will protect us and fight for us?

April 23:  Psalm 2:  It says kings but it is talking to anyone who is leading.  Who is letting the  lead?  Because of that, how should we respond?

April 22:  Psalm 1:  This song is talking about two different types of people.  What does it tell us about the wicked and the righteous?

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