At central we value spiritual growth and that is connecting with God and with people.

A key means for this to happen is through Small Groups. Our Small Groups are designed with five purposes in mind:

  • CONNECT: to build deeper friendships and community
  • CARE: to support and help one another through life's journey
  • APPLY: to live and trust God's Word
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: to encourage/challenge each other
  • MULTIPLY: inviting others to join a group

Small Groups

A group of people committed to gather regularly for spiritual growth and discipleship. 

A place to form real friendships, build relationships, and experience community.

Groups that are OPEN are WHITE and you can click on the name to contact that group.

Groups that are FULL are RED.

  • Day: Monday

    Time of Day: Evening

    Frequency: Every other week

    Topic: ??

    Description: People of all ages. Childcare may be possible.

  • Brian Hauck - S.C. Northside

    Day: Sunday

    Time of Day: Evening

    Frequency: 1st & 3rd Sundays

    Topic: Book of the Bible

    Description: Ages 50 and over.

  • ann abbott - At Central

    Journey Women's Group

    Day: Thursday

    Time of Day: Evening

    Frequency: 1st Thursday

    Topic: Varies each month

    Description: Open to all women ages 40 and over.

  • Day: Thursday

    Time of Day: Evening

    Frequency: Weekly

    Topic: ??

    Description: Open to all men 18 and over.

  • Fred Penner/Roger Brower

    Day: Friday

    Time of Day: Evening

    Frequency: Weekly

    Topic: Varies

    Description: Seniors

sunday morning electives


No need to sign up.

Attend the Elective of your choice.

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